XY-3 Series Water Well Rotary Drilling Machine

XY-3 series drilling rig is a shallow/medium depth hole spindle type water well rotary drilling machine. The machine is mainly used for diamond drilling and able to meet the needs of various drilling technology requests.It adpots electric motor and diesel engine as power unit. The rig owns simple structure and is easy to operate.

The characters of XY-3 water well rotary drilling machine are listed below:

1,The rig is equipped with latest MW525 heavy trucj transmission, which owns 10 forward gears and 2 reverse gears. The transmission ensures enough reasonable speed range, and can satisfy needs of different drilling rig technology.

2, The rig`s spindle inner diameter is 96mm, driven by mechanical system, can output big torque. The winch can lift max.3000kg with single line.

3,Hydraulic system controls the feeding pressure and speed of the spindle. The machine is equipped with pressure meter so that the workers can grasp hole situation.

To satisfy customers` special requirement, we design below new models based on XY-3 original drilling rig XYX-3 trailer-mounted drilling rig, XYD-3 crawler-mounted self-propelled drilling rig(options:steel crawler and rubber crawler) and XYC-3 truck-mounted drilling rig. The machine can also adapt 1.5m high hydraulic cylinder jacks that can load&unload machine from truck. Hydraulic drill mast saves the workers` labor and improves the working efficiency.