Gantry drilling machine ( Diesel electric starting )

This machine mainly used for geothermal drilling, farm irrigation , house yard, gardens and water well drilling, drilling diameter is 70-300mm, and drilling depth is 60-80m.
It also can be used in small building piling, like farmhouse or factory and so on, the drilling diameter can reach 500mm and depth can be more than 10m.
1. This diesel well drilling machine is a new type of civil well drilling machine that is closer to practical use based on long-term well drilling practice and developed, updated and manufactured according to different types of well drilling technology equipment.The product is easy to install, easy to operate, easy to operate, two people can work together, general mortar stone, wind fossils, small pebbles can be hit, diamond drill can hit granite rock.Drilling speed, general geology about 50 meters per hour.Open 8 centimeters dozen more than 180 meters, 10 centimeters dozen more than 160 meters, 22 centimeters dozen more than 85 meters.The 30cm drill bit has hit 37 meters.
2. The small drilling machine covers a small area and is light in weight after disassembled . It is 2.5 to 3 meters high.The heaviest part of the engine is not over 50 kg.
3. Replace the drill pipe drill bit, and a deep well with plastic pipe and PVC pipe of 1 inch, 1.5 inch and 4 inch of different sizes can be produced. The average progress is 30 meters per hour in plain areas.
4. The drill bit of mine has strong breaking ability and is durable without wear and tear.Galvanized steel pipe corrosion, rust - free.
5. Drill pipe of main engine (including frame, gantry bar, petrol engine, reduction system, sealing water system, etc.), excluding water supply system.
6. Wide practicability: column holes can be drilled with screw drill pipe, or core barrel can be used to sample.

Rill depth

Open hole:100mm,Depth:160m

Open hole:220mm,Depth:80m


Pump pressure adapts to drilling depth


The rotation speed of drive drilling pipe


Table area


head gear height


Each piece maximum weight after decomposition


Each piece maximum length after decomposition


Drill pipe type






150KG(without drill pipe

Hoist speed


Diesel engine type

TB188Fpower 7KW