Folding Type hydraulic drilling machine

The folding hydraulic drilling machine produced by our company is a simple, convenient, economical and practical new mechanized drilling machine. Its advantages are: low power, large torque, small size, portable, high efficiency, easy operation and low noise. Adapt to the well drilling machine for various terrains.
The machine is easy to use, simple to operate, and has a fast hole-forming speed of about 10 meters per hour. The noise is small and the operation is extremely simple. It can be operated by a single person. The mechanical self-unloading drill pipe is taken as an example of a 100-meter one-hole well. The average disassembly takes about 10 minutes, and it is easy to move. After the well drilling operation is completed, the single-person operation can complete the transfer work.
Hydraulic oil pump, parallel gearbox design, oil pump unit separate, power supply is adequately distributed, hydraulic system unique design, power head device gearbox, dual motor power, large torque, durable, simple maintenance and low cost.