7.5 HP/10 HP hand push type hole digger

The high-power tree-planting pits produced by our company's factory, hand-pushing digging machine are available in three models of size, size and steam/diesel.
●Machine Composition:
It consists of a two/four-stroke gasoline engine or a single-cylinder air-cooled diesel engine, a carbon steel drill bit, a reducer, an armrest, and a clutch.
●Main Feature:
• Powerful: 4-cycle engine for maximum power
• Comfortable: Anti-vibration foam grip handles reduce fatigue
• Effortless: Easy-Pull recoil starter for nearly effortless starting.
• Versatile: Works with augers up to 14 inches in diameter.
●Area of operation:
Slopes, sandy land, hard land below 20 degrees, afforestation, fruit planting, embedding and digging, fertilizing and digging.The diameter of the drill bit is 200-500mm. The length of the drill bit is 50cm by default. The drill bit and pit work efficiency can be customized according to actual needs.
FeatureFSC,Heavy   Duty,Anti-Slip Grip
The name196cc   earth auger
Engine typeair-cooled,4-stroke,   single cylinder gasoline
Rated output power4.8kw/7500rpm
carburetorDiaphragm   type
Fuel Tank Capacity1200ml
Drill diameter80/100/150/200/250/300mm
Drill length80cm
Engine size510*460*540mm